Plucking machine DIT 80

Bleeding System DIT DICO 4 CONES

The bleeding system is composed by n. 2 medium size bleeding cones DIT CNM and n. 2 big size bleeding cones DIT CNG and top cover to immobilize the animal, bleeding troughs with central drainage, 2 supporting feet.
Depending on the size of the animal different size cones are available.
The medium size cone is suitable for animals from 1,5 Kg to 3,5 Kg.
The big size cone is suitable for animals from 3,5 Kg to 6,5 Kg.
The bleeding system , immobilizing the animals, facilitates and speeds up considerably the step of slaughter of the animal, avoiding also the breakage of the wings.
The blood dripping in trough, can be easily collected in containers intended for this use and positioned under the drainage.
The cones can be easily interchangeable.

Technical features:

  • designed and built entirely in Italy;
  • made in metal sheet and thick structure;
  • the structure can be easily fixed to the wall or floor;
  • system can be easily dismantled and stored;
  • bleeding system dimensions cm 111 x 51 x 145 (height), net weight Kg 32.
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