Electric stunning device DIT STEL
Electric stunning device DIT STELElectric stunning device DIT STELElectric stunning device DIT STELElectric stunning device DIT STELElectric stunning device DIT STEL

Electric stunning device DIT STEL

The electronic equipment has been designed and manufactured in compliance with the EN 292-2 paragraph 5.5.1, 5.5.2 and 5.5.3.

The equipment is used to supply power to the tongue that hold electrodes with which the animals can be stunned before being slaughtered. Thanks to an extremely precise current regulation, it is possible to process animals of different sizes (pigeons, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys), with absolute exclusion of blood residues inside the animal and without any damage to organs and tissues of the animal.

The control panel, equipped with convenient drive devices and a large display, allows the operator to easily and intuitively adjust the machining parameters and read the information quickly and clearly.

The USB connector integrated into the electronic equipment automatically records the stunning data (date – time – Ampere – Volt – Hertz – Seconds) in the USB key, without the need for operator intervention.

Electric panel, resistant to splashes of water and dust, is equipped with a transparent door with a special system for access to the control panel, a quick bayonet connector for connection of the stunning tongue.

Inside, they are:

  • The isolation transformer with sufficient power to stun even pigs, whose primary is connected to the power supply (230 Volt alternating) and the secondary connected to the electrode holder tongue through the electronic control of the current.
  • Electronic command and control devices.


The high-potential isolation transformer made according to European standards, guarantees the operator’s safety during animal processing.

The electronic instrumentation is a device with the function of electro-narcosis for animals, which integrates in a single card the following circuits:

  • the microprocessor-based digital circuitry for parameter adjustment and data recording on USB,
  • the power circuitry for stunning the animal.


The main features are:

  • Single card incorporating both the logical part and power, it is changeable in case of maintenance or failure;
  • Ease of setting the parameters, thanks to the presence of a convenient command systems for adjusting the current to be applied to the animal and for setting the date and time (in case of data backup in USB);
  • Clarity in reading the parameters, thanks to the presence of a large LCD display that allows you to read at one all the parameters of stunning (current set / animal selected, stunning voltage, timer duration of the test).
  • Setting of the stunning current in continuous mode from 100ma to 1,5A with step of 25mA, with automatic display of the corresponding animal;
  • Automatic and precise maintenance of the stunned current supplied, even when the animal’s electrical parameters vary, thanks to a sophisticated measurement and control system;
  • Timer function counts seconds with alarm after 4 seconds of current delivery;
  • Pre-evaluation of the resistance value of the animal by applying a low partial voltage on it with a stun block if the set value is not reached;
  • Acoustic and visual signal of stunning in progress;
  • Tongue signal ready to stunning with flashing LED;
  • Blocking signal.
  • Auto-stop function with manual reset when there is no power.
  • The security of the framework is based on double isolation of the same.
  • Automatic data recording on USB key, which allows you to record the stunning data on the USB key, for a subsequent transfer to your computer.


The equipment complies with Directive 93/119 / EC, and subsequent CE. 1099/2009

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